The Jackson Academy Athletic Booster Club is an auxiliary organization of Jackson Academy, Inc., comprised of parent volunteers and operated under the direction of the Board of Trustees of Jackson Academy, Inc. The primary purpose of the Booster Club is to promote unity of spirit among parents, faculty and all JA supporters in accordance with the school’s goals. We continually provide support, enrichment, and assistance wherever needed to enhance the athletic experience of all students involved in co-curricular activities. We hope you will join us by supporting all of our Jackson Academy athletes as they represent their sport on the playing field, in the classroom and in our community. Through the collective efforts of the School Administration, the Athletic Department, and the Booster Club, we hope to provide a nurturing environment in which each student-athlete can achieve success in academics, personal growth and development. We hope that you will join us this year!


2017–18 Booster Club Officers
President – Leigh and George Butler
President Elect – Katie and Jamie Chustz
Treasurer – Michele and Mark Markow
Treasurer Elect – Suzanne and Tommy Barnette
Secretary – Lauren and Reid Lester
Director of Marketing & Communications – Cynthia and Tim Mahaffey
Director of Membership – Jennifer and Chris Mathison
Director of Special Projects – Allison and Jess New
Lower School Liaison/Color Me Raider – Lorraine and Smith Boykin
Director of Sports Information Guide – Story and Todd Warren
Director of Sports Information Guide Elect – Kelly and Blake Cress
Director of Operations Administration – Erica and Brian Bertschler, Brandi and Darin Dorsey
Director of Fall Operations – Jenni and Brett Graven
Director of Winter Operations – Robert and Amy Hederman
Director of Spring Operations – Kerri and Rusty Hawkins
Advisors – Kristen and Lee Nations, David Sykes, Brandt Walker,  Bryan Eubank