The application deadline for 2019-2020 is December 1, 2018.

What is the Jernberg Scholarship?

Peter JernbergThe Jernberg Scholarship, created in honor of former Headmaster and President Peter Jernberg, is a competitive scholarship that provides full tuition and fees (includes select fees in school sponsored clubs, activities, and sports) to exceptionally gifted students who have some demonstrated financial need. The scholarship will help students entering fifth through eleventh grade, who demonstrate outstanding academic success and motivation to excel in a challenging, innovative environment, obtain a Jackson Academy education.


Expectations of a Jernberg Scholar

  • To honor the high standards of the program, Jernberg Scholars will be good citizens who contribute to the Jackson Academy community and demonstrate respect for their teachers, the administration, and their fellow students.
  • Jernberg Scholars will be expected to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 for the school year and other established eligibility requirements.
  • Jernberg Scholars should embrace the curriculum choices and pursue a personally challenging course load.
  • Similarly, it is hoped that Jernberg Scholars will actively seek opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities in the arts, athletics, community service, and/or student leadership.

How Scholarships Are Awarded

All applicants must register to apply, submit an application with two essays for consideration, and have completed certain standardized testing. Two teacher recommendation letters are required, and parents must submit online financial information. The scholarship committee will then review all applications and select finalists based on both academic achievement and financial need. Finalists will go through an interview process to determine Jernberg Scholarship recipients. Full tuition through graduation will be awarded, so long as eligibility requirements are maintained.

For More Information

For additional information, please contact the admission coordinator at 601.364.5450.